Daily Step – How are you entering today?


How are you entering today?

Are you weighted down by the baggage of the weekend? last week? last year?

Are you carrying grief? loss? sorrow? hurt? frustration? 

Are you ready to put it all down?

If you aren’t yet, don’t. 

Things take the time they take, after all.

But if you are, even a little bit, then what’s holding you back from doing so?

I was chatting with an Examen group I’m a part of the other day, and I was lamenting being in a somewhat negative space.

Someone reminded me that there are times to just rest in the truth of where you are at that moment.

But then, I thought about it for a minute, and I realized I kinda rest in that space even when the time doesn’t call for it. 

I rest in the space of what can be done to make this all better.

I rest in the space of what I can do to make ME better.

Neither of those spaces are necessarily bad except when they prevent me from seeing the beauty and joy in this moment and the hope fulfilled in the next.

Because there is beauty and joy RIGHT HERE.

There is hope fulfilled JUST OVER THERE.

And we have a choice about how we show up NOW.

So how are we gonna choose to show up today?

“So come to the pond
put your lips to the world
and live
your life.”

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