Daily Step – I posit that God sees no imperfections in us.


We all have imperfections.

Little things that make us look at ourselves in the mirror with a super critical eye. Things that make us feel less than. Things that make us feel self conscious or unworthy.

But maybe we are looking at those imperfections wrong. 

Maybe they are instead the things that make us capable of bringing light to the world. 

Maybe what we consider to be imperfections are exactly the things that give us unique insights. Maybe they are the the things that help us see the world through different lenses. 

Maybe if we stop seeing them as imperfections and start seeing them as a part of the beautiful creature God breathed into existence, we can serve the world as we were meant to.

Soon, we will be testing my twins for learning differences. It didn’t take long into first grade for the signs to be evident. It took a shorter time than it did with my older son for obvious reasons – we know what to look for now.

It is easy to see learning differences as imperfections or things to be fixed. It’s easy to jump to “poor kids” and “that’s so unfortunate.” 

But here’s the truth I’ve learned watching my children. The way they see the world brings such light to my own. They can see things I can not. They excel in areas that I don’t. They teach me by their very existence that intelligence and wisdom and light and life come in all forms. They have shown me there is no one way to learn.

In God’s wisdom, God created all sorts of people with all sorts of abilities… each of them precious, each of them worthy of dignity, each of them worthy of the time it takes to figure out ways for them shine.

Despite how we view ourselves, I posit that God sees no imperfections in us… instead God sees only light and longs for us to see the same.

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