Daily Step – We have a choice.


“Mom, wake up, I have to tell you something mom.”

This was the sound that greeted me at 2 AM from one of my boys. Man I wish they had a better handle on time. Three times he came in to tell me about various reasons he couldn’t sleep – including that he saw a ghost. I was tempted to say “Great, you always wanted a roommate! Now go back to bed.” Good thing I held my tongue. Eventually he fell back asleep in his own bed while I lay awake in mine. Thanks kid.

And then the others woke up right in the middle of mommy’s morning routine. “Your coffee grinder woke us up,” they said to effectively lay the blame right back on me. Sigh.

It’s gonna be one of those days, right? The kind where I enter the day less than well rested and off on my routines and therefore everything just falls apart.

It could be. But as I sit and write this morning, I realize that I do have a choice. How I enter my day is actually up to me. Will I grumble and complain about my loss of sleep and let it color my interactions? Or will I enter the day with gratitude for the boys who are there to interrupt me? Gratitude that they still come find me when they can’t sleep or when they first wake up in the morning.

Truth be told, the choice is not easy. Grumbling is just so natural when you are tired, right? But it’s still a choice.

So my prayer this morning is that God give us all we need to enter this day with a right attitude. Even if we are tired. Even if we are hurting. Even if the road before us seems uncertain. May we enter and leave our day in gratitude, in hope.

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