Daily Step – Do you have a moment?

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Do you have a moment to pause?

To breathe in.
Then out.
Then in again.

A mindful moment to slow yourself down before you jump right into the week ahead?

Just a moment before you start that to-do list…

Before you answer that lingering question that wouldn’t leave you alone all weekend…

Before you press reply to that text or email that has sat waiting for the Monday morning alarm to ring…

Before you make a move, any move…

Do you have a moment to pause?

Do you have the time to look out the window on the car ride somewhere and see the bare winter trees awaiting the new growth just ahead?

Can you find a breath to stop and listen to the whisper of the birds hanging out on power lines and traffic light poles just enjoying each other’s company as the world speeds by?

It may be just a second.

That might be all you can spare.

And you may even feel ridiculous doing it… after all there are so many things to attend to today – who are you to pause?

But maybe it’ll be the pause that matters the most to how today goes for you. 

Maybe it’ll be the pause that gives room for grace to enter and do it’s work.

Maybe it’ll be the pause that helps you find the answers you so desperately seek.

As Mary Oliver wrote, this moment… this pause…

“It could mean something.
It could mean everything.
It could be what Rilke meant, when he wrote:
You must change your life.”

So do you have a moment to spare today?

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