Daily Step – I’m grateful for you.


Are you feeling grateful this morning?

Or are you a bit stressed about the day ahead or the preparations for next week? Or a myriad of other things going on in the world as well as your immediate home?

I get it. Oh boy do I.

I find it hard to focus on gratitude sometimes… especially when my brain orients itself more towards lists of what might go wrong with my plans and how I can be prepared to fix them.

But I know I also want my boys to be oriented towards gratitude, and they can’t do that if mommy is always focused on other things.

So on this Friday morning as I prepare to head out to school, I’m pausing to consider what I’m grateful for right at this very moment (despite the loud chaos surrounding me):

This morning I am most grateful for:

  • The testing center that worked with me to get my twins in quickly for testing for learning differences and the teachers that are on board with figuring out the best way for my kiddos to learn.
  • The former teacher of my oldest who told me he inspired her to go back to school to study learning differences and serve those kiddos specifically. The world is truly blessed by all those who fight to make every child free to show their God given intelligence in their own special ways at school.
  • For several friends who received good news this week in health struggles for themselves and their families. Particularly, I’m grateful for the miracles I can so clearly see happening around me.
  • For my boys receiving their first dose of the covid shot last week, and for forward movement.
  • My husband’s new job that honors the intelligent and capable person he is. I’m proud of him. 
  • For all of you. Thank you for reading, liking, and sharing my posts. I’m always grateful when something I share helps you in some way.

What are you grateful for today?

(Thank you, sincerely, for receiving these posts into your inbox each day. I’m always blessed to hear from you when a post strikes you in some way. Have a wonderful holiday ahead!)

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