Daily Step – Do your little bits of good where you are.


Do your little bits of good where you are…

Because if you do yours and I do mine, ours will together overwhelm the world.

At least according to Archbishop Desmond Tutu who did a lot of good in his long life. 

(May he Rest In Peace.)

Reading this quote reminds me that the little bits of good have to happen in my home and in myself first – where I am. This quote reminds me that God wants me to spend time working on being the best person I can be for others.

The best me, that is. 

Not the best someone else.

This quote reminds me that God finds the time I spend working on being the best, most loving versions of myself worthy. 

After all, it’s my truest self, my self that honors the person God created me to be that can do the most good overall.

So maybe it’s okay to slow down a little as I figure that out. 

Maybe it’s okay for you to slow down too as you figure that out. 

I love the meme that says let’s enter 2022 quietly, slowly… 

Maybe we should do so, but not because we fear 2022 is going to jump out and bite us. 

Maybe we should do so because we want to start this year as the loving human beings that have a chance of helping make things better.

Wishing you rest and peace today!

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