Daily Step – You are loved.


I don’t know who needs to hear this today but…

You are loved.

Maybe that’s the medicine for all that ailes us today – knowing, believing, and owning that you are loved. Sometimes it may be hard to know that you are loved unconditionally by another human being, but you are always loved by God. No matter what. Do you believe that? Are you ever afraid that love may go away?

There were a lot of tears in the car on the way home yesterday. Someone said something insulting to someone else and soon everyone was crying. It’s always lovely to try and figure out what just happened while barreling down the expressway on the way home. It’s usually the time when stuff like this happens and the time when I say great parenting things like: “I know you are crying but it’s not like I can do anything about it! Just get along. Keep your hands to yourselves and apologize or something!” At the crux of the situation, I heard one of my boys say: “You are the worst brother ever. I don’t love you anymore.” 

Geez. How awful are those words! How awful it must be to hear them and feel for a moment that maybe they are true.

The brothers, of course, recovered quickly and are all best friends again. But that phrase “I don’t love you anymore” stuck with me long after our ride home. It made me wonder if sometimes we are afraid that God might say that to us: “I don’t love you anymore.” Even though we’ve learned over and over that God’s love is unconditional and eternal, I wonder if we still fear losing it? 

So, like I said, I don’t know who needs to hear these words spoken today but you are loved. Even if you messed up, even if you failed… God is walking with each of us and loving us into existence every minute. May you feel and believe that love today. That is my prayer for you.

(graphic done on procreate with instructional video from Teela Cunningham’s youtube channel)

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