Daily Step – Do you feel like you are useful?

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Do you feel like you are useful? 

Like you are a part of something bigger than yourself?

A few weeks ago, I bought a portable barre to use for my morning workouts. It eventually came in a beat up, well traveled box. At one corner of the box, there was a tiny hole. 

Knowing my track record with assembling furniture, I thanked my husband in advance for putting the barre together for me. 

Thank God he knows his strengths.

He gathered the boys, read the instructions, and assembled the pieces. At one point, I heard him say to the boys: “Well, I don’t think she will use those weight racks anyway.”

I jumped up and shouted to the other room, “No, I will! I will! Please put them on! It actually is a needed part of the structure!”

It was then that I discovered the tiny hole in the box had been the avenue through which the screws that would affix the racks took a detour.

90% of the piece of equipment came together quite nicely… but without two tiny screws, it was incomplete.

Let me ask you again, do you feel useful?

If you answered this question with “No, I don’t feel useful right now,” I want you to know that you are. You may not feel it in this moment, but you are.

You are a tiny, but important nail that helps hold things together. 

Your voice, your talents, your gifts, and even your imperfections are everything you need to navigate where God has placed you in this moment. They are everything you need to find the place that has been waiting just for you.

So stay in the stream.

Keep moving forward with the current.

And you will find your way to where you were meant to be.

So take a breath and then a step and let hope take over.

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