Daily Step – Some mornings be like…


Are you a morning person or a late night person? Or something in between?

I’m a morning person, and I like my mornings quiet and peaceful. 

Dead battery

I have a little routine I do every morning to put me in the right headspace. I’ve perfected it over the years and adjusted it for changes in life and schedules. It’s perfect for me. I can now leave the house a peaceful and joyful human being.

Well…. most of the time.

…unless something unexpected happens to upset my equilibrium…

Like yesterday when I was faced with a dead car battery and a quiet, sleeping alleyway.

… and I absolutely lost my equilibrium like it never existed at all…

I’ll sum up the hour of chaos that ensued with a couple of quick images for you:

  • Me tearfully calling my husband over and over as I ran down the alleyway looking for someone awake.
  • Me frantically waving to an unsuspecting woman putting her kids into her car saying “I promise I’m a neighbor! Can you just jump my car?”
  • Her lending me a portable car jumping machine and me spending way too long trying to remember where the hood latch was.
  • Her coming back to jump my car with hers and me almost losing my car into the neighbors back fence. (Don’t worry, I caught the car just in time.)
  • She and I trying to jump the car for at least 15 minutes with a few spark flying incidences before giving up and making my husband come home.
  • Him jumping it in 3 minutes or less.

Here’s the thing. I’ve been known to figure out some pretty complicated electrical, mechanical, or computer issues perfectly well on my own. When I’m calm and rational, I can be quite resourceful. 

But I wasn’t calm or rational yesterday. I didn’t take deep breaths like I tell my sons to do when they get upset. I didn’t talk myself out of my “everything is going to hell today” thinking.

I just freaked out and messed up and created more chaos.

It was kinda embarrassing (albeit entertaining as well).

But it worked out in the end, and the morning ended up bringing me just another lesson about how some things are never as big as I make them out to be…

And today, I get the chance to start again and hope for a softer morning ahead.

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