Daily Step – What’s your word for 2021?


So yesterday my morning routine had a few hiccups.

I did wake up at 4:15 and tried to exercise. Of course after a pained 20 minutes, I realized my body had not quite recovered from a night with no sleep battling food poisoning. So, I went back to bed. 

I am so grateful for my husband who got the boys dressed and off to school letting me lay down and regain my composure from a sleepless night. I am also grateful for my body that told me in no uncertain terms to stop even when I was stubbornly trying not to.

Recalling the whole messy experience today, I oddly was drawn to consider what my word for 2021 would be. For 2020, my word was grace – the beautiful word that describes what God gives each of us to live our days well. It ended up being the exact word I needed for this very unusual year.

So what’s the word I feel I may be needing for next year?

All Wednesday night, I whined and complained and did the little “woe is me” dance as I battled through the worst of food poisoning. I was angry that I didn’t feel well and that my routine would be altered the next day. I was frustrated when I couldn’t do what I planned. So many negative emotions about something I could not possibly control. 

In hindsight, I could have been grateful that it was only food poisoning. I could have been appreciative of the fact that my husband was available to pick up the slack and my work was okay with me working from home for the morning to get back on my feet. 

How much time do I waste resting in the negative? How much do you? What would we gain from intentionally seeking turning towards the positive instead?

So the word that popped into my head as a potential focus for 2021 is perspective.

My prayer this morning is for all of us to be given the grace of perspective. When things look bleak or frustrating or unsolvable today, let us have eyes to see the other side of it. In every negative, there lies a spark of hope. Let us our hearts and minds be warmed by the small but bright light of it.

Admittedly, a part of me is also praying to not have food poisoning again, like ever.

God, could you work on all of that? 

Thank you in advance!

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