Daily Step – Imperfect Prayer


Along the journey towards the greater, there are many small, daily steps to better understand oneself, God, and others. This is one of my “daily steps”.

Last week I was at a place where prayer, if I made time to do it, was easy. There were beautiful benches in the shade and some in the sunlight depending on what temperature you were seeking. There was quiet except the sounds of birds and the occasional sprinkler. And God was so clearly everywhere.⠀

But now I am back in reality where prayer looks different. It’s shoved into free moments and sometimes is a fleeting thought when the boys have a brief moment in the backseat of precious silence.⠀

We can often judge our #prayer in the real world circumstances and wonder if we are doing it right or if we are even praying at all. Today I’m looking at this image of a bench I sat on last week and remembering the words of #maryoliver on #praying:⠀

“It doesn’t have to be⠀
the blue iris, it could be⠀
weeds in a vacant lot, or a few⠀
small stones; just⠀
pay attention, then patch⠀

a few words together and don’t try⠀
to make them elaborate, this isn’t⠀
a contest but the doorway⠀

into thanks, and a silence in which⠀
another voice may speak.”

May you find a moment in the chaos today to hear another voice speak love into your heart.

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