Daily Step – Accept the invitation.


It’s only 5 days into 2024…

It’s not too late to think about what God is calling you to this year!

Today, I’m over at IgnatainSpirituality.com sharing about my word(s) of the year and the challenge of saying yes to what God is really asking of me…

Invitations are sometimes unexpected.
Invitations are sometimes difficult to accept.

But the fruits that come when we do are often beyond our wildest expectations.

Go on over to IgnatianSpirituality.com and read my reflection on the invitation to “BE BOLD” in 2024.

I also share this prayer to help you pray for the courage to say yes this year:

Lord, I feel you inviting me to _______ this year.

But I have some questions first:

  • What if I’m too afraid to answer this particular call?
  • What if my humanity gets the best of me, and I answer your call in a way that serves me over others?
  • What if this call invites me to sacrifice something I am not ready to let go of?

Lord, I feel you inviting me to _______ this year.

But I am going to need a little help:

  • Help me to let go of my fear and lean into the desire to grow closer to whom you’ve created me to be.
  • Help reorient me to my foundation when I get off-track: that you love me as I am, imperfect humanity and all.
  • Help me remember that everything I have sacrificed for you has led me to something greater than I could have imagined.

Lord, I feel you inviting me to _______ this year,

and where you lead me, I intend to go,
so let us begin.

May God give you all the graces you need to say yes in 2024!

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