Daily Step – I did a thing!


So, I did a thing.

I’ve been contemplating making a podcast for a couple years now… I think 4 years in total actually. 

I always hesitated because I wasn’t sure I had the “right” idea. I wasn’t sure I had the most “marketable message”.

But today I decided that it didn’t matter if the message was the MOST marketable… or the MOST right… all that mattered was that it was genuine…

… and that it spoke about something that if everyone knew… and internalized… and believed… it could change… well…


So, the trailer is officially live for the “Loved As You Are – An Ignatian Podcast”.

Do me a favor, check out the description and the trailer and if it’s a message you are desiring – subscribe… 

…and if it’s a message you think others need – share… 

Please hold me accountable.

I have manifested that new episodes drop May 22nd! So it will be! 

Follow @lovedasyouarepod on Instagram for all things connected to this podcast and join me and hopefully some wonderful guests (maybe you?!?) weekly. You can listen to the introduction and subscribe for new episodes here or anywhere you listen to podcasts.

It’s gonna be quite an exciting ride!

We only have one life…

so let’s stop waiting and just get started!

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