Daily Step – Witnessing Hope


Along the journey towards the greater, there are many small, daily steps to better understand oneself, God, and others. This is one of my “daily steps”.

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Hope is the thing with feathers…⠀

How many of you already put up your Christmas tree? This year, our boys were asking about it from Monday on. We insisted they wait until the Friday after #Thanksgiving. But waiting, for them, was so not easy! Finally, after much whining, Friday came and we got out our small, slightly Charlie Brown-ish Christmas tree and let them decorate it all by themselves. It was over in maybe 15 minutes and most of the ornaments lined the bottom third of the tree, even though the tree is not much taller than they are. ⠀

And, believe it or not, we had only 3-4 ornament casualties.⠀

The first ornament that hit the ground scattered pieces everywhere. “Stand back!” I yelled… which of course they didn’t because “Ornaments!” As I tried valiantly to save their feet from harm and vacuum up the pieces, I found myself saying “Why don’t you ever just stop moving?!”⠀

This first week of #advent, my 1 pg guide concentrates on #hope. #EmilyDickinson has this to say about hope:⠀
“Hope is the thing with feathers ⠀
That perches in the soul ⠀
And sings the tune without the words ⠀
And never stops at all.”⠀
(The whole poem can be found on my Advent guide)⠀

Little hands and feet constantly moving and exploring and wondering and never stopping – maybe instead of irritating me so much, they can instead can be a witness to me of hope. The kind of #hope that never stops believing in the magic of #love.⠀

Where can you find hope today?⠀

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