Daily Step – Will you trust the light inside of you?

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Are there things about yourself that make you feel self-conscious?

Things that make you feel less than?

I’m guessing the answer is yes.

I think we all have these parts of ourselves that we see as inadequate or imperfect.

I know I do.

And these things… these imperfections in me… they tend to stand out most when I put myself out there to try something new.

After I leap and decide to go all in, these imperfections creep to the surface and become all I can see.

They make me doubt my capabilities.

They make me doubt my choices.

They make me doubt that I know anything at all about God’s desires for me.

These imperfections rise to the surface and they dominate my view of myself. 

They almost forcibly try to get me to turn around and say: “Nevermind… just kidding… God, I’m guessing you have someone better pegged for this, right?”

Over and over again my imperfections rise to the surface and try block the light within me.

Sometimes they succeed.

But sometimes they do not.

I have to remember every time my imperfections dominate my view of myself that this is NOT how God sees me.

Instead, God sees me as capable.

God sees me as gifted.
God looks at me and all God sees is light.

I want to see that too.

I want you to see that in yourself as well.

Because the light in you and in me – that’s the truth.

Because trusting in the light within us is what will give us all the grace we need to say YES to the incredible things God has planned for us.

So will you trust it?

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