Daily Step – Have you reached it yet?


Have you reached it yet?

THE destination you’ve been aiming for?

That point on the map where everything suddenly makes sense?

That point on the map where you can plant your feet and say “This is it! This is what I’ve been aiming for! I’ve reached it and it’s exactly what I thought it would be!”


Me neither.

In fact, I’m pretty sure that point, that destination (at least in this life) doesn’t truly exist.

Instead, I have found that every destination I reach in this life has a series of new roads leading from it, new paths that don’t always make sense, new hiccups and new disappointments as well as new successes and new joys.

Somewhere deep inside I know it’s the journey that matters – the in-between spaces – the moments that don’t go exactly as planned but still have the possibility to lead somewhere… better.

I try to remind myself of this truth every time I’m anxious to get to the next destination. Every time I try to arrive early, fully prepared, saving the best of me for when I get…. THERE… I try and remind myself of how much I am missing while I’m still HERE.

Still it’s hard. 

… to be in the in-between….

… to be undone by uncertainties and questions and doubts about how you’re doing on the checklist of life…

So I’m using these words of Mary Oliver as a reminder to me today that good work ongoing is what it’s all about. 

And taking the next step on the journey trying to remember to look around a bit as I do….

Will you?

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