Daily Step – How often do you work on changing yourself?


How often do you work on changing yourself?

How you look?
Who you are?
How you show up in the world?

How often do you try and pick away at the things about yourself that you think just don’t belong?

Recently, I had a conversation with someone much younger than me about all the things they wanted to work on about themselves. It was like they were imagining if they just pulled these annoying little threads out, the fabric of who they were would finally be just right.

Oh I know that feeling oh so very well.

As I listened to them speak, I immediately found myself flashing back to when I was their age… and then every age in between then and now.

At first, I was internally congratulating myself on all those pesky threads I had worked to loosen over the years.

But as I imagined each and every one, I realized that the threads never fully left the fabric of me. Instead, they were all still there. At some point, I had taken the ends of each one and woven them right back in. 

But this time, the threads fit a little better. This time, they didn’t seem so out of place. Instead, they just manage to liven up the pattern of me a little more.

Every perceived flaw has always been a part of the fabric of me… the only difference is, I know now where they fit best.

“I’m all the ages I have ever been”… and you know what?

I’m just fine with that. 

How about you?

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