Daily Step – Do you ever question your decisions?


I do. All the time. Especially those concerning my boys.

Every night before bed (well most nights anyway), I said a prayer with my boys and ask them what they are grateful for. 

I think my twins almost think it’s required that they say “you!” every time I ask (it’s not). They say it each night quickly and goofily like it’s too late in the day for them to think of anything else… or maybe it’s because they know that “you!” will always be my response back to them and they want to be fair! 

But last night, they both added something new and unexpected.

They both said they were grateful for their school. I asked why, and they just replied “It’s just… really good mom.” 

The response was out of the blue, and it was one I didn’t know I needed to hear. 

There are countless days when I question my choices as a parent in all sorts of areas. 

Like asking myself: Did I push too hard, too soon to get them tested for learning differences? Did we jump the gun too early to move them to a different school? What is the best place for them right now?

I don’t know if I ever feel like I know enough to make the absolute right decisions for them… let alone myself!

Instead, most days with kids is like a giant leap into the cloudy unknown hoping your feet and theirs will find solid ground in the end.

But I wouldn’t change any of it.

Instead, I just think I’ll pray a little harder to see a little clearer… and I’ll beg God for more moments like last night where I can tangibly feel a nudge from God that it’s all gonna be okay.

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