Daily Step – Rain, who needs it?


Rain is my least favorite weather condition. 

I didn’t realize it was still raining this morning (it rained last night) when I started the car and began backing out of the garage. Immediately, I got a bit grumpy! Ok a bit more than a bit grumpy. “Ugh, now I have to go in and find umbrellas and change my shoes. Ugh, we are gonna get so wet. Ugh, rain makes everything harder.” I think these were internal grumbles but they may have come out my mouth as well. as I stomped through the house.

Back in the car, I made it through our morning prayer with the boys and maybe one whole quiet minute before I grumbled out loud: “Ugh, rain is so my least favorite weather condition!”

One twin immediately piped up: “Well, I love the rain!”

“Why?” I asked him over my shoulder hoping for some good perspective.

“Because we get to use umbrellas!” Ok, there’s that I guess.

Then the second twin added his two cents: “Because it waters the plants! Well, not the indoor plants, humans water those but you know the outdoor ones…” Sure, healthy plants are good.

Then the oldest voiced his always rational thoughts: “And we need rain because we need trees for air and rain waters trees.” Well who can argue with that! I like breathing after all.

Finally, the first twin delivered the best reason for loving rain: “We can dance in it and splash in puddles!” This reason reminded me of the first week or so of shelter-in-place last March where we went back again and again to the same puddle to splash and splash because we had nowhere to go and no reason to stay clean and dry.

I admit, my boys are pretty good at changing my perspective. They must know how much help I need sometimes. Oh to see the world through their eyes (but, you know, with a 40 year old maturity). What a wonderful world it would be!

My prayer this morning is for the grace of perspective. May we find new and exciting ways to look things that change our hearts and bring us joy instead of a bunch of grumpy “ughs”.

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