Daily Step – In case you need a reminder today…


I don’t know who needs to hear this, but…

You are light.

And whether or not you know it,
whether or not you believe it,
your presence today will bring light to someone else.

Maybe it’ll be because of a smile offered in passing.

Maybe it’ll be because of completing that project looming over your team’s head.

Maybe it’ll be because of an offering of a hug to your child.

Maybe it’ll be because of stopping to listen to someone tell you about their day.

But maybe, no, DEFINITELY it’ll be simply because of your presence.

You are shining, whether you feel it or not.

This is how I sometimes imagine God sees us – a billion shining lights wandering the earth. 

I imagine God smiles at each of us and wishes so desperately that we could see our own bright offering to those around us.

So if today, you are feeling a little dark…

if you are lonely or hurting or sad or grieving or just a little uncertain, let this post be your reminder:

You. Are. Light.

And the world needs you to shine.

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  1. Mary says:

    Thank you for I did need to hear this today. It seems as I age, growing weaker in many respects, I need this reminder more often.

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