Daily Step – What do you love?


What do you love?

Notice I didn’t ask who.

That is a question for another time.

But what do you love?

If you want, you could also add a word or two and make the question: “What do you love to do?”

This could be your job, many people do love their work. But it also could be a hobby. 

It could be something you are doing now, or something that you used to love to do but abandoned long ago because of… well…life.

It could also be someTHING – the trail the runs near your house, a warm batch of cookies from the oven, fresh flowers on the counter – something that you love that brings joy to your heart.

It’s an important question. 

What do you love?

Because when you make room for what you love, your heart fills with better stuff.

It fills until every piece of it is devoted to love, a love that can then be spread to others, a love that leaves no room for emptiness.

What do I love? 

I am a lucky one to love their job, and I can’t wait to get back to doing it in person!

But I also love drawing.

I love writing.

I love sharing both with you.

It took me until I was 39 to embrace these last three things I love, and it has made all the difference.

So what do you love? 

How can you make room for that today?

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