Daily Step – What’s your best example of something permanent?


“Mom, do you know what “permanent” means?”

This was the conversation this morning on the way to school. Two excited boys got $$ under their pillows from the tooth fairy again – lots of teeth being lost this week. So, of course they were curious about permanent teeth. And permanent markers. And permanence in general.

It made me think of how so many things seem permanent to them right now. In their short lives they haven’t had too many things pass away or disappear. Their memories are just beginning to form – so everything that’s happening right now seems permanent.

But as adults we know that nothing is permanent – at least nothing earthly. All things change or adapt or move on or pass away. It can be so unsettling. Sometimes it can be sad.

Sometimes knowing that nothing is permanent can be life-giving though. That feeling you have of anxiety or stress or worry or unease – it’s not permanent either. It, like everything else human and earthly, will pass.

What is permanent? God’s love. It existed before and persists long after. It is unfailing.

“So, mom, do you know what permanent means?”


Per-ma-nent (adjective): Lasting or unchanging indefinitely; i.e.: God’s love for you.

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