Daily Step – Do you feel unprepared today?


How are you feeling this Monday morning?

Mondays, as I’ve said before, are not my favorite day of the week. They are the day I feel most out of whack, the most stressed, the most unprepared. 

Today, in addition to being a Monday, is also St Nicholas’ Day. It’s Pajama Day at one school, and all children needed to bring in one or more things extra today…. One of which I just realized I totally forgot! (Ugh, and it was a big one I can’t make happen now!)

This Monday, just because it apparently wants to feel extra special, also involves an early morning trip to the dentist because one of my six year old twins lost a porcelain crown late Friday afternoon in a piece of candy and… oh it pains me to write this… threw the crown in. the. trash. $$$ 

So needless to say, it’s Monday and I’m not yet here for it.

Over the last few years, I have learned the one thing that will make my Monday woes lessen a bit is prayer. It centers me. It helps me slow down. It gives me perspective whether I am ready for it or not. 

Here’s the truth though – the way I pray, the methods and the motions and the words and the actions – they are a little different from how I imagine others pray. And it took me a long time to realize that was okay. 

It took me a long time to realize that God wants to meet me wherever I am. God wants to speak to me how I can hear best. 

After all, prayer is a conversation between God and me.

How I hear God best right now is right in the midst of chaos. It’s in the midst of distraction and interruptions and busy mornings. It’s far from linear. 

It looks a lot like taking a breath right in the midst of it all and writing these posts.

Because every time I do, I find that God had something to tell me in the words that came across the page. Something I often didn’t even know I needed to hear.

Today, that message is, be at peace because I love you no matter what.

I think that message is for you as well.

May you be at peace today.

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