Daily Step – Don’t forget to laugh today.


Don’t forget to laugh out loud today.

I started to take this photo of my son because he looked so dang focused on that iPad. Friday afternoons the boys run home anxious to watch videos and play Minecraft freely. They wolf down dinner and settle into a pile of blankets on the couch and enjoy what they have missed all week. 

As I started to take the photo, however, he noticed and began actively trying to mess up my photo by making faces at me and hiding behind his hands. He was so into his methods to avoid the photo that he started to crack himself up. 

Finally I told him it was okay, he could go back to his show. As I scrolled through my many photos of arms and legs and blurry images, I found this one hidden somewhere in the middle. I managed to capture the precise moment when he laughed freely with his whole body joining in.

This morning there is a lot to do. This week is loaded. I’m trying hard to take a deep breathe and just enter my day slowly. I’m trying to remember that you can really only go one step at a time through any list. I’m trying to be calm and remember that not every decision I make today will not necessarily be life altering. I’m trying to remember to breathe.

What I need to remember to do most of all, however, is laugh. When the feeling to throw my head back and laugh from the depths of my stomach comes, I need to let myself. I’m hoping this photo reminds me to.

I’m hoping this photo reminds you to as well. 

That is my prayer.

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