Daily Step – Are you looking for a reason for your hope today?


So, I tried poetry again. 

I thought I’d share in case this resonates with you or in case you are looking for a reason for your hope today… here’s mine:

A Reason For My Hope

I hear people say
they feel God
most clearly,
most completely
in the thin moments.

The moments
where the wall 
between God and us
is so thin 
it’s almost… 

They tell
of the most 
incredible moments. 

Moments where God 
came as close
as the ground to my feet.

These moments, 
they rest in them,
they trust in them.
They tell about them
again and again saying:

“It was the moment I knew
I was not forgotten.”

It’s all we need,
these thin moments.
Something to hold on to,
Something to increase our faith
and move us…

Today I walked a mile 
in the sun
as I felt the breeze
push against my face.

It was such a beautiful day.

As I walked,
I prayed,
and walked,
and prayed some more.

Then, I stopped
and I begged.

I mean 
I all out begged:
“Where is it, Lord?
Where is mine?
MY thin moment?

Why don’t I recall
a single time
when that veil
was down JUST for me?”

Finally, when my legs 
were as tired as my voice,
someone invited me to sit awhile.
“I have a question for you,”
he said.
“Tell me please:
Why do you believe in God?”

I heard behind the question
the same longing
that had come from my lips
as I walked into the sun.

So, I answered him:
“Because God always shows up.”

So was this
MY thin moment?


Or just confirmation
that I am not the only one begging,
and praying,
and keeping the search alive.

there’s a reason
for my endless hope.

(Gretchen Crowder, Copyright 2022)

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