Daily Step – Who’s keeping you sane right now?


I hate the smell of scented hand sanitizer.

My boys know this. So this morning after many mornings threatening me with the possibility, they sought out the scented hand sanitizer dispenser at the end of the hall and lathered up their hands real well… and came after me. Such sweet kids, just wanted to liven up mommy’s morning.  “But mommy, I just want a hug!” they said as they followed me with arms outstretched. 

That’s our boys. Three carbon copies of my husband full of energy and trickery and endless joy. They drive me crazy but they also bring me so much light. 

Today is my husband and my 9th anniversary. This day was dominated on year 1 by the birth of our oldest. It was dominated on year 3 by the birth of our twins. And, let’s be honest, they have made themselves the focal point of all our anniversaries ever since insisting on a prolonged birthday celebration each year.

This year it seems our anniversary is dominated not only by three rambunctious boys and their birthdays but also by the need to stay home and stay safe and about a million other things going on all around us.

But isn’t that what real marriage is? The million things that seem to always get in the way but also highlight the life you are building together? 

I wouldn’t want to go through a pandemic, the stress of politics, or the overwhelming zoo that is our three boys with anyone else. My husband keeps me sane. He loves our boys and already is teaching them so much about the kind of people I hope they become. I’m so grateful for the life we’ve built and will continue to build and for the love we share.

Today my prayer is for all of us to be able to look with gratitude at someone in our lives that is keeping us sane today. May we recognize how their love keeps us going even in the strangest of times and find a way to let them know how much they mean to us. 

And Happy Anniversary, Joey – onto year 10!

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