Daily Step – Pause and let your imagination work today.


“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.”

This is the last line of the poem that also contains the lines in this image.

The unimaginable. 

This week on the way to school, my twins have been playing pretend with their stuffed animals. On Monday, blue Dino got his own, very fancy iPad made out of paper (complete with a good case for protection). The “iPad”apparently connected to the snap bracelet placed around his tiny neck. I guess the snap bracelet was my son’s version of an Apple Watch. 

All the way to school, one twin frantically worked to disconnect the “iPad” from the snap bracelet so he could stop Blue Dino from singing an obnoxious song into the camera. He’d turn the camera off on the “iPad” just to have Blue Dino turn it back on from his neck. The voice of Blue Dino came from the other twin who repeated the same line of a made-up song over and over again. “Boop, boop, boop… poop, poop, poop… peep, poop, peep, poop…” (yes every made up song of theirs must include the word “poop”).

The song was annoying… but it had a consistent tune.

“Blue Dino! Why can’t I disconnect you from the snap bracelet? I need to stop this song! It’s so annoying.”

“Boop, boop… poop.”

This was the back and forth for the short drive to school that day. Oh, and it appears the reason he couldn’t disconnect the “iPad” was because it was linked to Girraffy’s snap bracelet necklace back at home. So we were all forced to listen until we exited the car.

My twins are always unapologetically and enthusiastically themselves. They sing songs when they feel like singing songs. They make up whole worlds on the daily and you can’t help but be swept right up into them.

They are a bit mischievous too.

But they are also very kind.

To their stuffed animals, to their family, and I hope to the rest of their little world too.

I love to be a part of their world every morning, and I hope that by really drinking it in… I may have a little room in my own heart for the unimaginable too. 

I hope you have room for it as well.

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