Daily Step – What can you pause to notice today?


We have to park in front of our house for the next few weeks due to some alley work.

We started doing so Sunday night.

It’s amazing how locked into routine I become. Because of course Monday morning, I headed towards the garage with book bags and water bottles only to be greeted with – no car.

I grumbled a bit, turned around and walked to the front of the house instead.

Then I grumbled some more because it was dark outside.

Then I grumbled some more because I forgot half the stuff we needed inside and had to make several trips. 

Then I grumbled because I forgot to park the car going the direction I needed to go and had to drive around the whole neighborhood to get out.

When we were finally on the way to school, I grumbled one more time about stupid alley way construction that upsets my routine.

That was Monday.

Now that it’s Friday, I have to say that I’m still a bit grumbly… but I also noticed a few things I hadn’t before. 

I noticed that the street is quite peaceful early in the morning while houses are still fast asleep.

I noticed there are early morning risers just like me, people who walking by exercising in the early morning light.

I noticed that my husband had been watering my plants on the front porch.

I noticed our lawn was green and thick and full of life.

I noticed that the sound of noisy kids in the morning is much louder across the yard than it is cooped up in the garage (sorry neighbors).

I realized when I stopped grumbling, there was so much more I could notice about this place I am blessed to call home.

As you head into the weekend, what can you pause and notice today?

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