Daily Step – With the aid of grace.


My word I chose for this year was grace… God’s Grace.

There is a song I’ve mentioned on here before by Sleeping at Last called One (written for the one on the enneagram but just a beautiful song in general). The lyrics contain some words that have been repeating in my head over and over since the first time I heard it: “I want to write a song worth singing, I’ll write an anthem worth repeating.”

I don’t actually want to write a song. I think I’d be pretty terrible at lyrics. I’d probably try to make them all painfully rhyme… and end up accidentally creating a pretty terrible remix of a nursery rhyme or something. Writing music – not my gift.

But I think the words speak to me more about what I’m driven to do in this life… I want my life to be a song worth singing, an anthem worth repeating. A song that continues long after I am gone, a song that changes something or someone for the better.

But I’m left to wonder – am I’m anywhere close to that?

The point of the lyrics of the song One, however, is not to drive me to insanity writing that perfect song with my life… at least not to think I can do something so momentous like that alone. Instead, the words are supposed to remind me that this task is not solely up to me. Try as I might, I will never be able to piece it all together simply by will and good effort – though both are necessary. It’s God and God’s grace that are working on it with me – line by line, note by note. That is if I let God in to my creative process.

So this morning, I’m reminding myself that God is speaking to me right now through the movements of others. If I really listen, I can hear God telling me in this moment to change this line or alter this chord because the music isn’t right just yet. If I tune in, I can hear God’s voice so clearly through others saying that there are parts of my life, my song, that are discordant. And if I’m quiet, I might just hear God whispering: “Breathe… listen, learn, and adjust the tune. I’ll show you how.”

How is God asking you to alter the song of your life today? And are you willing to scratch some things out and try again?

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