Daily Step – How are you feeling today?


Lord have mercy, I lost it this morning.

I freaked out (momentarily) because the device my son uses to hear the teacher’s voice better in the classroom was suddenly not working. I spent like 5 minutes on it. Nothing I tried worked. So of course, I acted like the world was ending.

Am I the only one that freaks out that quickly about things? 

I mean, the device is important. He needs it to fully participate in the classroom. 

But I only gave fixing it five minutes.

Ok maybe three.

Might’ve been two.

(how long does one brush their teeth? Then definitely that long. 


Just a couple minutes really and I gave up. “All hope is lost. It’s gonna be a bad day. Might as well go back to bed…” My internal and external dialogue was classic.

And then, after my husband tried for a few minutes to fix it too, I finally calmed down and asked Google “How do you reset an FM system?” Google gave me an automatic answer that fixed the problem in 10 seconds and the drama was over as quick as it began.

Now that I’m over it… I’m acutely aware of how much time and energy I wasted on that drama. When I could have been gaining energy by giving into joy.

After all, there is so much bringing me joy this week:

My boys are having fun in camp and summer school.

They are all mostly cooperating and being mostly loving…

And we have more time together than usual.

I’m also wearing new bright green pants today (between the bright color and the fact that the pants are new – it brings me tremendous joy (Everyone has their thing).

The list goes on and on of what can bring me joy today if I only let it be the dominate feeling in me.

I pray to not let joy be a crumb as the poet Mary Oliver so eloquently wrote. 

And I pray the same for you as well.

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