Daily Step – Good things take time.


Good things take time.

One morning several weeks ago, I got everything ready for my morning coffee. I ground the beans (over quarantine we got all fancy and bought a tiny coffee bean grinder). I heated up the water in our plastic electric kettle. I added the fresh grounds to the French press, poured the heated water over the grounds, and waited for what felt like a lifetime. It probably was less than a minute….  way less. Then, I put the top on the French press and pushed down. 

The top took all my arm strength to push down but I finally got it to the bottom. I poured my share of the coffee into my metal cup excited for the much needed early morning jolt. I put the cup to my lips, took a big gulp, and tasted…


Lots of them. 

I ran to the sink and spat them out and rinsed my mouth. In frustration, I also poured out all the coffee from my cup. My husband entered the kitchen at that moment and I grumbled; “You do it! Somehow I’m just not meant to make coffee!”

He tried to patiently explain to me why I tasted grounds, but my ears were closed to any help at that moment.

Later, when I was calmer, he explained that I needed to wait longer for the grounds to soak in the hot water. I also needed to stir them a couple times and wait again for them to resettle. I had to be more patient. “Resistance in the top of the French press is not good. It should be easy to press it down. It will be easier if you give it enough time.” 

It’ll be easier if you give it enough time.

Often, in my haste, I make things a lot harder than they need to be. I make mistakes. I hurry because I’m impatient to get to something I want, and… well, more often than not, I end up with a mouthful of coffee grounds.

This morning, my prayer is for patience. My prayer is for you and me to take a deep breath and slow down… just a little… Let us take the necessary time so we can savor the moment it all comes together.

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