Daily Step – How much though?


How much are you loved, just as you are?

As I put the boys to bed last night, I told each of them I loved them as usual. Though I always joke around a little when I do. I reached down to hug one of my twins and said “I love you every minute of every day but only once on Sundays.” He always reacts the same way with his mouth gaping wide and his face contorted as he cries “What?!?” in feigned disbelief. I immediately correct by saying “Just kidding, I love you all the time.” Last night, I added the question “So how much do you love me?” with a teasing lilt to my voice wondering what measuring stick he’d use.

He put one finger to his chin as he does when he wants to pretend he’s having deep thoughts. “I love you to Mars…. no wait, to Mars and back… no wait, to all the planets around and around forever.” His twin brother, not wanting to be left out said “Yea forever mom! Or you know, until we die.” Huh, good to know their love isn’t eternal!

How can one person quantify their love for another? The old children’s book that documents a conversation between a mother rabbit and her baby says by measure of the distance “to the moon and back.” But is that really far enough to encapsulate how much a mother can love her child? Or a child their mother? Or God’s love for us?

What would God say if one would ask “God how much do you love me?” I’m guessing it’s more than can be put into human words. Maybe the best answer is “I loved you enough to come to earth and be born a human and suffer and struggle and live and die. I loved you enough to experience everything a human would.” Isn’t that more than one could ever hope to be loved?

This morning my prayer is that you feel God’s limitless love for you today. May you remember that you don’t have to earn it and you can not lose it. It is there for you in spades. May you feel it cover you in its protective embrace. 

And may it’s immensity flow out of you to all you encounter today.

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