Daily Step – An Imperfect Gift


Along the journey towards the greater, there are many small, daily steps to better understand oneself, God, and others. This is one of my “daily steps”.

Daily Steps are first published on Social Media @gdcrowder

Back in October, I had the privilege of being interviewed by @christiannesquires on her #bearthelightpodcast.

On her podcast, she interviews real life people bearing light in the world in ordinary ways. I was blessed she thought I fit the mold to be an interviewee. The first question she asked me on the podcast was “Tell us a little about #IgnatianSpirituality” and I froze. I couldn’t believe it, I froze. I remembered saying something but it couldn’t be the perfect answer because I hadn’t prepared for it and I had no ready script I could call to mind.

Later in the conversation, I talked about a set of family photos (of which this one is a part) where we arrived early and there was mud everywhere. The perfectly chosen outfits were covered in mud by the time we smiled at the camera. At the time, I was worried that perhaps the photos wouldn’t be right because even though I had prepared – life happened anyway.

But the photos were beautiful and, when listening to the podcast this week, my answer to the first question was surprisingly heartfelt. Sometimes, when we get out of our own way… something more incredible than we even could believe possible can happen.

As we look towards the new year coming quickly next week (new decade really), let us consider these words of Brené Brown from her #GiftsofImperfection: “Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.”

How will you be your authentic self in 2020?

Oh and look up episode 12 of the Bear the Light podcast wherever you listen to podcasts to see what I said when, despite freezing on the first question, words came out and kinda made sense! And then listen to @jeanheaton64 as she continues to talk about the tools of Ignatian Spirituality in a different way in episode 13 that dropped today. And subscribe for more interviews twice a week.

Happy 2nd Day of Christmas!

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