Daily Step – Your story matters.


When was the last time you said aloud or internally: “Who am I to tell this story? I’m no expert. Surely there are people wiser than me.”

Recently, I was on the phone with a friend trying my best to share my story with my boys so that it might help her figure out her own story with hers. 

I ended the call with: “But honestly I’m no expert in this subject. I only know what I’ve learned so far. There are so many better people out there to help.”

She said: “Actually, it just helps me to know your story. It helps to know I’m not the only one.”

I don’t know how often I dismiss my knowledge, experience, understanding of things aloud to others. Internally, I know I’m always thinking: “Surely, someone knows this stuff better than me” or “Surely, my story won’t change anything.”

But what if it will?

People will always know some things I write or speak about better than me. What will they know better?

The subject matter? Sure.
The science? No doubt.
The psychology? 100%, I didn’t major in that!

And so much more.

But what will they not know better?

They won’t know my experience, my story, the feel of my shoes on my feet better than me.

Only I can be an expert about that.

So I need to tell it.

And so do you.

How else will we know we aren’t alone?

How else will we be able to be crumbled so that wildflowers will grow up at our feet… wildflowers that can be a symbol to others that this messy life is always and will always be surrounded by INCREDIBLE beauty.

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  1. Faye Coorpender says:

    I love the idea of being a crumbled wildflower. I’m an avid gardener so I often save the seeds of my spent flowers. The adjective crumbled accurately describes the way the seeds detach from the dry stem. I may have to change my word of 2022 to crumble. Lord help me to becrumbled for the sake of a fragile, broken, beautiful world.

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