Daily Step – Take a Deep Breath


Who else needs this prayer today?

I definitely do.

I’m a little overwhelmed right now. Are you?

I think it’s coloring how I react to everything. I mean, I think it’s okay that I feel overwhelmed. I think it’s okay that you do as well. A somewhat unexpected year two of a pandemic on top of just life has got to cause a bit of anxiety…. especially during back-to-school.

Parenting and adulting – man they are hard.

And confusing. Especially right now.

Mix in the fact that I’m also battling once again for deaf/hh services for my oldest son before he starts school. If you are a person who has a child or loved one with learning differences and/or a disability, you’ve probably spent some time fighting for them. A lot of time. Of course you do because they need you to.

They deserve every opportunity to learn.

But I see you and I feel you that it’s exhausting – especially when another curveball comes your way that you didn’t see coming and your back in the ring again. 

You are not alone.

So here’s what I’m doing this morning to quell my anxiety before walking out the door.

Today, I’m breathing in the excitement of my first graders headed off to their second day of school. 

I’m breathing in the relief that, for now, I can send them with masks and know they won’t be alone. 

I’m breathing in the knowledge that my oldest will have a great school behind him and that we will figure it all out together eventually.

I’m breathing in this prayer and breathing out as much anxiety as I can.

Will you breathe with me? 

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