Daily Step – Sometimes you just need to buy the flowers.


Sometimes you just need to buy yourself some flowers.

I tried this week to spend time with each of my boys individually. It’s kinda hard to do so since they are like magnets to one another when they are home. So, on Wednesday afternoon, I took my youngest twin with me to the grocery store while my husband watched the other two.

He was a little disappointed at first because the grocery store didn’t have toys, but he got over it and helped me pile groceries into the basket. He’s getting a little big to sit in the basket with the groceries, so thank God my list was short.

As we neared the checkout, I veered off to the side and into the flower section. I don’t often buy flowers. Mostly because once I get them home, I tend to forget about them… for weeks… and when I remember them, they are a pile of petals and shriveled up stems. I keep wanting to be a fresh flower person or even a plant person, but they just don’t do all that well in my care.

Still, I decided this trip to buy some white and yellow flowers. I felt like I needed a little brightness on my windowsill. So I put them into the plastic bag and handed the bouquet to my son to hold. “Mom, this is so cool! The yellow ones look like sunshine!” he said as he carefully gripped the bag. “And the white ones… look like the fluffy clouds in the sky!” He was so excited for these flowers that he held them carefully in his lap the whole way home.

So, yes, these flowers probably won’t last long. I most likely will forget about them until they are a pile of petals and shriveled up stems. But the memory of my six year old holding tight to a bunch of flowers all the way home with an epic smile on his face will last.

Sometimes, you just have to buy yourself the flowers or allow yourself the treat or gift yourself with a moment of rest. Don’t worry about how long the beauty or the joy lasts externally… instead think about how that beauty and joy will remain with you and change you inside in unexpected ways. 

May you have all the rest and beauty you deserve this (Chip) Friday!

(Oh and get the flowers were good for something – they inspired another doodle for me on @procreate)

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