Daily Step – May God bless you with a little blast-off energy today!


Yesterday afternoon in the car, my oldest and I were having a conversation about waking up in the morning.

“Mom, I have so much trouble waking up on school days. It’s so hard to get my body out of bed.”

“Well,” I said, “Why don’t you pretend your a rocket? You know, 5-4-3-2-1 blast off! Right out of bed. It’s a lot harder to get out of bed when you do it slowly, but once you are out… I promise being awake gets easier quickly.”

So, this morning, he actually blasted himself out of bed! I was surprised he remembered. Of course, he said he was gonna put his own spin on it and roll out of bed crashing onto the floor, but whatever gets him up in the end. He has a little bit of extra incentive to try this new method of waking up right now because we have four (soon to be 6) new chicks in the house and he is absolutely in love. We are slowly starting up our little urban farm again after a bobcat performed an episode of Wild Kingdom in our backyard two weeks ago and wiped out our chickens.

Even as I gave this seemingly impactful advice to my son yesterday, I still struggled myself to get out of bed this morning. Five seconds turned into five minutes turned into ten before my feet hit the floor. Maybe now that I’ve seen how well it worked for him, tomorrow I might choose to blast myself out of bed and into the day.

What’s the thing that’s super hard for you right now to get started on? Maybe it’s getting out of bed, maybe it’s attempting certain boxes on your to do list that you need to check off but just can’t seem to start. Whatever it is, maybe it would help to pretend you are a rocket. Take a deep breath and then blast into it. After all, it’s often easier once you actually get your feet on the ground and get started.

May God grace you with a little blasting off energy today in all you do!

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