Daily Step – Have you ever had that moment?

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Have you ever had that moment?

That moment when you reveal something about yourself, your story, or even how you are feeling and you hear someone say: “No way! Me too!”

What a great feeling that can be!

Have you ever instead held back because you feared you wouldn’t hear that response?

That what you shared with another person wouldn’t resonate, wouldn’t make sense, wouldn’t put you both on common ground?

I think I feel this way every time I give a talk or write a post. I share a part of myself, I put it out there… and then I sit, eyes downcast and wonder: “what if this resonates with no one?”

But here’s the truth – everything always resonates with someone. There is always someone who reaches out and says: “Me too! What you just said there… I feel that too.” There is always at least one person who says, “Man, how’d you know that’s exactly what I needed to hear today!” 

These seemingly insignificant comments are significant.

Yet still the fear remains… the fear to be vulnerable, to express a new understanding of something, to put a piece of yourself out there. It’s the fear that exists on every childhood playground when you first reach out your hand and say: “Will you slide down the slide with me?”

I guess I’m writing this today as much for me as for you…

Never be afraid to let others see you… for exactly who you are. Never think “I’m the only one” because in the billions of people on the planet – you are never the only one.

There is someone right now that needs that moment from you – that moment when they can smile and say: “Yes! Me too!” and know they are not alone.

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