Daily Step – What quiet moments of beauty have you had so far today?


I am moving slowly into today. Quietly.

I’m not sure if it’s because I feel if I move too fast and enter this day with too much abandon… something else may happen to shake it all up again. I mean, it is likely at this point, isn’t it?

It might also be that I have been moving slow for ten days now and my limbs have forgotten what it means to move quickly. Even my boys were quiet in the car (which NEVER happens). They were almost reverent at the moment of leaving home and finally re-entering the world. 

It’ll only take half an hour, maybe a whole one and I’ll quickly be reminded of all that has piled up over the last week. Then, I’ll move with much more dexterity and speed. For now, however, I’m entering the day quietly. I’m holding onto the joy of having my three boys dressed and packed and ready to learn. I’m holding onto the joy of being dressed in something other than flannel pjs. 

I’m holding onto the joy of starting again. 

It’s easy to let go of the simple joy that comes when waking and entering the world each day. Soon, the pace quickens, things need to be accomplished, challenges arise. It’s so easy to let that overwhelm us before we’ve given life a chance to just … amaze us for a bit.

This morning my prayer is for quiet reverence to  follow all of us throughout our day. May we find moments to go slow and breathe deep the wonder of creation. May we not let the challenges of the day overshadow the beauty of the morning. May we remember that every moment God can be found if we are quiet enough to receive.

What quiet moments of beauty have you had so far today? How will you hold onto them?

(This image was during the snow which has now melted. I can appreciate its beauty so much more now looking back!)

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