Daily Step – Do you ever envy the passion children have for everything?


Do you, like me, envy the enthusiasm and joy of children?

This weekend, I got to see my twin boys roller skate for the first time. One took the plastic walker they offered and took a tight grip on it. Then, he carefully navigated the rink, rolling one foot at a time, a couple inches at a time. 

The other twin grabbed the white walker thing and went bumbling towards the rink. His long, skinny legs went everywhere but he just powered on. “Look how fast I can go, mom!” He said as he went, limbs bending and twisting, flying down the lane. 

Though they both approached this new thing in different ways, they approached it so passionately. They were all in. It’s how they do everything. 

I admire and want the light they shine in this world to inspire my own. This foray into skating inspired today’s poem. May the passion children bring light the world.

I see
the passion
with which
you navigate
all the spaces
of your life,
and sometimes
I am admittedly…
a bit jealous.

You show up
so honest,
so real.

I hope you
never lose that.

you enter a room
as if to say:

“Watch out 
I am here
to shine.”

Other times
you enter a room
as if to say:
“I’m watching 
drinking in all
the light 
you offer me.”

Still other times
you enter a room
with tears in your eyes
as if to say:
“I’m hurting 

I hope you
no matter
you enter,
whatever room
you enter,
I am here
for being

And praying
for your 
to inspire
my own.

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