Daily Step – Show up… with humility.



Many years ago, I was introduced to the Litany of Humility. It’s something I come back to frequently – probably because like any good, sinful human, I often forget what it truly means to be humble. 

Honestly, isn’t it so hard right now to act with humility? There is such a weight on us trying to navigate a pandemic and all the challenges it places on our lives. There is also the added weight of the renewed desire to listen to our brothers and sisters and understand each other’s point of view mixed with the onslaught of social media posts that challenge us in both good and bad ways. Not to mention the weight of mining our consciences so we can vote our consciences in the upcoming election. 

I don’t know about you but when I feel the weight of it, I tend to hold fast to little things that I feel are all mine to hold. I tend to lose… humility. 

True humility is an act of putting others first, of elevating others, of celebrating others. It’s also being able to admit when what you’ve been holding fast to – thoughts, ideals, or opinions – might just be less than God’s truth. Humility is about seeking REAL truth, even when that truth doesn’t come straight from your own mouth.

It’s about wanting others to be loved more than ourselves.

It’s about wanting to decrease so that others may increase.

It is NOT about lacking opinions or confidence in your discernment or love for yourself.

We can do both.

We can have opinions.
We can believe in our discernment.
We can love ourselves.

And we can desire better for those around us. 

So this morning, my prayer is for a renewal of humility for all of us who need it right now. May we be able to see beyond ourselves to the vision God has always had for this world.

And then let’s go out and work for it.

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