Daily Step – Take my hand, it’ll keep you warm.


Take my hand, it’ll keep you warm.

It’s freezing today. It’s been raining for three days in DFW and the temperature has hovered around 40 degrees. Now, I know, that’s nothing for my Northern friends – but for TX in October… well it’s pretty darn cold.

This cold front also means the addition of so many more details upon exiting the car in the morning. “Boys, put on your masks and your jackets and grab your water bottles and your book bags” I shouted this morning as we exited the car. Then, before any of that could happen, a green balloon that one of my twins had in the car went flying down the parking lot. I grabbed for him as he chased it precariously close to the busy street. “Don’t worry, mom, I caught it!” Then a water bottle fell out of the side door and rolled under a nearby car and three boys just had to get down on the wet asphalt to devise a rescue plan. I shouted “Get out of that puddle!” as I tried to grab their arms and rescue… well them, yes, but mainly their tan school pants.

By the time we finally got inside this morning, my hands were ice. Both of my twins complained about their hands as well as they tried to shove them into their jacket sleeves to defrost. My oldest, however, laughed joyfully and said “My hands are never cold!” Then, he grabbed one of his brother’s hands and said “Take my hand, it’ll keep you warm.”

Take my hand, it’ll keep you warm.

My prayer for us this morning is that we find ways to offer each other warmth and comfort through our actions and words as the calendar speeds towards colder, darker months ahead. May we be able to think before we speak and act in order to speak and act with a compassion that is capable of defrosting hearts and warming them with love.

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