Daily Step – What’s your pump up song?


What’s your morning pump up song?

No, I don’t have one myself. Sometimes, however, the energy of others can be enough to elevate my own.

That happened just this morning which is a good thing because I’m very much dragging today.

We arrived at school a bit early on accident. So I let the boys hang in the car while we waited. They immediately decide to engage in a very loud gymnastics competition over the backseats into the back of the van. Again and again they climbed back and forth over the seats and explored all they could find hidden in the car. “Look mom, there’s a pair of my underwear!” one shouted as he held it up on one finger dramatically, encouraging his brothers’ laughter (don’t worry, they are clean!)

They discovered on one leap from the front to the back that there were mysterious handles that led to hidden seats. As they tried unsuccessfully to lift the seats up, they chatted about who could come sit in those seats and go for a ride. All four grandparents made the list. 

They played and wrestled and laughed and explored until the energy level got too high in the car and I finally had to let it burst right out the backdoor. 

It was the strangest thing though. The energy they acquired in those 15 minutes was like a quality morning pump up song. It couldn’t help but elevate my energy (I hope it lasts!).

My prayer for you this Friday is that you are graced with your own “pump up song” moment – something that gives you enough energy to tackle the last day of a long week. May you also share that energy and light and spirit with others… because I’m guessing we are all dragging to the finish line today!

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