Daily Step – What do you want to be best at?


“You’re it! You’re really it!”

How many times have we desired to be tagged by God to be something special?

I know over the years, I’ve desired to be good at so many things… but not just good… special. I desired to be “it.” You know, the best at something. 

This past weekend we had the Olympic Games on in the background most of the day. I tuned in occasionally to see some incredible talents make history – like the first woman to win an individual fencing gold (Go Irish!) and the first person (also woman) from the Philippines to win an Olympic medal. There have been, even in the midst of a delayed and very messy games, so many historic moments already. 

Historically good and not so good… I can’t believe Simone Biles is hurt! Prayers for her today!

As a child, I watched the Summer Olympics solely for the gymnastics. I dreamed, like a lot of kids did, about being one of the girls I saw doing incredible floor routines and balancing perfectly and gracefully on a tiny sliver of a beam. I could imagine myself flipping over and over again around the uneven parallel bars. Dang I was SO good in my imagination!

Problem was  though – I wasn’t actually good in real life. I took a year or so of tumbling in the 8th grade to try and learn a back handspring for my short-lived cheerleading career… and I never got it. I think I never got past the fear of falling. Or I wasn’t coordinated enough. Or dedicated enough. Or I didn’t start early enough. Or a combination of all of the above.

Or maybe the truth was – gymnastics was not the thing God was tagging me for.

I think as humans we desire so much to be “it” even if we don’t want to admit it. And when we fail at being the best at something, we get discouraged and stop trying all together.

As a person who has dreamed over her life of being so many different things and wondering if I was meant for anything special at all, I am finally convinced that God has tagged me to be “it”. 

It’s just not the “it” I imagined.

God tagged me to be Gretchen… the unique person created solely to be best at being me. 

Truth is, I’m still discovering what it means to be the best ME. I’m still figuring out what God intends for my life and talents, and I’m still praying for a few more open doors to help me figure it out.

But I do feel tagged.

And I hope you do too.

Because God is saying to you right now “You’re it!” and asking for you to believe in the the truth – 

You are called to be you. 

And no one else.

Because you are exactly what’s needed.

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