Daily Step – A New Year Of Grace


Along the journey towards the greater, there are many small, daily steps to better understand oneself, God, and others. This is one of my “daily steps”.

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There can be a lot of weight given to the last 10 seconds of an old year.

I think in the last week I’ve clicked on 3 or 4 #newyear email campaigns promising to make my year (or decade) the best ever. Everyone has a plan, and they all sound reasonable. Some are just a few steps. Some plans take just 30 days, other 90. Some set you up for the next 10 years.

As I clicked and read about all these plans to re-create me in 2020, admittedly they started to make me a little anxious…. probably a little because each campaign has now sent me 4 super-long emails each in the last 24 hours. But also because thinking about the year this way has piled up so much on those last 10 seconds tonight when I “should” leave the old behind and be anew.

But honestly, I’ll probably be asleep well before those last 10 seconds, and when I wake up in the morning it might take me a little to get my bearings… like a few more days at least. And then, I think, small #dailysteps will be best for me in the end. Ones that lead me slowly closer to the person God is calling me to be and allow for the #grace necessary for any change. Because despite what all the email campaigns say, I don’t believe I can do anything without it.

This year my word is #grace.

And as we head towards the changing from 2019 to 2020 (which will probably take me months to get the year right on paper… am I the only one?)… this is my prayer for all of us.

Short, simple, full of #grace from #stteresaofavila

Let nothing disturb you,
let nothing frighten you,
all things will pass away.
God never changes;
patience obtains all things,⠀
whoever has God lacks nothing.
God alone suffices. Amen.

Have a blessed New Year’s Eve!

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