Introducing Vacation to My Boys—and Embracing Vacation Anew Myself


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A year ago, we had the unexpected gift of taking time off to go as a family to a resort hotel a little north of Houston. It was late July, and I expected it to be hot and miserable. After all, late July through September often is both hot and miserable in Texas. I was also anxious about packing up three boys and leaving town to go to an unfamiliar place when I still had so much to do before the school year started. My brain was stuck in working mode, and I was having trouble switching to vacation mode instead. As we piled into the car, the boys started asking me, “Mommy, is this the ba-cation?”

I looked at their excited faces and said, “We are on our way to vacation. This is just the start of the drive there.”

They went on to ask, “Mommy, what is ba-cation like? Where is ba-cation located? How will we know when we get to ba-cation?”

I took a breath, holding in the strong desire to tell them we needed to play the silent game until we arrived at “ba-cation” in about four hours.

The boys eventually settled down in their seats and stopped asking questions until we got to the resort. As we drove through a massive grove of trees, I told them, “Boys, we are here. We are at our vacation.”

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