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It’s been a whole week since I’ve picked up my Apple Pencil and worked on a new drawing (all my drawings so far are based off of video tutorials – but it’s a start).

Life got a little busy this week. The world got a little more confusing. I got a little more swept up in doom-scrolling. It wasn’t until yesterday that I decided to pick up my pencil again and try – and it was dead!

So, this morning as it charges, I am scrolling through some of the creations I made the first week I picked up the stylus and remembering all the light it brought me. So much light in fact, that I wrote a whole piece about it for the Into the Deep blog that comes out today. I promise there is a deeper meaning in the post than just “Look how cool my new toy is!” 

It’s a post on discipleship. It’s a post about the complex canvas of our lives. It’s about knowing who we are and what we have to give this world. It’s also about letting others do the same. One line I wrote when completing this post a couple weeks ago has never left me: “We are meant to fade when others need to shine and shine when others desperately need our light.” 

Today we honor the work of Martin Luther King, Jr. As we do, let’s remember how his work inspired the lives of many who continue to work for equality and equity today. Our country has a lot of healing to do starting now, and part of that healing means working on seeing others as God sees them. Part of that healing means learning about and acknowledging our history. Part of that healing means acknowledging when we need to fade so others can shine. 

My prayer this morning is that we can begin a movement towards healing this week in our country. May we be given the grace to see beyond the lenses that often cloud our vision and be gifted with even a glimpse of the world as God sees it – incredibly beautiful, imperfectly human, and worthy of so much love.

(Check out my latest Into the Deep post over at BeckyEldredge.com.)

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