Daily Step – Approaching the world with wonder.


“Mom, do you really exercise all night long?”

These were the words that greeted me as I was finishing up my workout yesterday morning. “No, honey, I don’t exercise all night. I just get up a little before you in the mornings to do so.” 

It’s one of those wonderfully innocent questions of youth right alongside “Your first name isn’t mom?” and “You have parents too?!” They are questions filled with amazement and innocence and wonder. And every answer an adult gives is treated like a new piece of treasure in an endless trove.

I’m grateful for these questions this morning as well as the random bits of worldly understanding my boys share with me on a daily basis. “Mom, actually, did you know that when people get old and die new people come alive and that’s where babies come from?” That was the pearl shared with me just yesterday by one of my 5 year olds who absolutely loves the word “actually”. Looks like I can skip the ins and outs of that one – they’ve got a pretty good answer going already. Whew!

As adults we often forget the wonder that comes with a new piece of information, the joy that comes from our eyes opening to new ways of thought and new avenues of understanding. 

My prayer this morning is for the eyes of children today. Let us look at the world as if we’ve never seen it before and bask in the wonder of this massive and complex creation. Then, let us pause in gratitude for all of it and the God that made it so.

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