Joy in the Lord


As a couple of lone parents settled in to watch their children’s swim lesson through the glass and perhaps catch up on social media, I sat down nearby with one of my four-year-old twins to wait for one brother’s lesson to end and his to begin. “Mommy, what’s that? There’s a white pole near the pool; what’s it for? There’s a basketball in a bucket; why? The big guy’s in the water with the little guys; what’s he doing?”

I glanced anxiously at the parents nearby, who appeared very engaged in their devices, and I quietly answered my son’s questions while reminding him that others might not want to hear all his thoughts about the pool. “OK, Mama, I’ll sit down. But wait, there’s a turtle! Why is there a turtle on that sign?”

What did this joyful, talkative little boy teach me about joy in the Lord? Read the rest over at

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