Daily Step – The new tool I learned for focusing on grace over challenge.


“I have the tendency to focus on challenges over graces. When a problem arises in my day, it can become the only thing about which I can think or talk. Until I find a solution to the problem, it can become so all-encompassing that it blocks me from seeing God at work in my day.”

What about you?

Challenges over Graces?


Graces over Challenges?

Fr. Chris Kellerman, S.J. introduced me to a trick for bringing my focus to the graces first on a mini-retreat back in May… and today, I’m over at IgnatianSpirituality sharing it with you.

Side note: A week after submitting my post, I interviewed Brendan O’Kane for my podcast… and he mentioned the box himself totally unprompted. Apparently, it’s a skill many use and worthy of sharing!

Hop on over to read my short post here and let me know if you agree!

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